Friday, August 12, 2016

"Defaced" Custom Skelevex Die Orama Series featuring Hoakser

    I could have sworn when I was preparing my extensive research about these (aka reading my emails) that the price must be a typo.  You can get a handmade Skelevex figure, with custom artwork from British graffiti dude Hoakser, and it will only run you about $19 plus shipping?  I feel like this should be a late night tv infomercial and I should be telling you how this is  once in a lifetime deal, and people that don't take advantage of it will tell their grandkids how they could have left them one in their will but they were too lame to pull the trigger.  Don't be the person that has to look at the disappointed face of their grandchild.

     These little dudes are killer and look like they were just plucked fresh from that particular section of town that you always see on the morning news.  Snatch one up for yourself by visiting on Saturday, August 13th at 6pm bst.

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