Saturday, August 6, 2016

"The Nothing" from The Never Ending Story As Envisioned by Renone x Extratruckestrial

   I love self-produced carded figures but I'm always torn between opening them and leaving them in as mint condition as possible.  Part of me wants to tear into the package and check the toy out from all angles while another part of me wants to leave everything intact and appreciate it as a complete package like the artist intended.  For those of you that obsess over things like I do, sometimes you just need that decision removed from the equation so you can continue on with your life as a somewhat normally functioning human being.  

   Renone and Extraruckestrial have combined their talents to bring to you the first ever action figure of The Nothing from The Neverending Story.  Not only will you get this perfectly detailed, film accurate version of creeping emptiness, the entire box it's mailed in will be filled with extras of the uncarded version to display as you wish!!!!  Put some Nothing in your display case, let your children play with a big pile of Nothing, or just tote them around in your pocket and hand them out at work when people need to bring it down a notch.  You'll have so much Nothing you won't even know what to do with them all!!!!!!  

   Snag one for yourself on Sunday, August 7th only from and make this easily the figure that most people want to ask you about in your collection.  

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