Saturday, August 6, 2016

Limited Run Of Hand Painted Dorobannii from Cristina Ravenna x Javier Jimenez

    We all commemorate milestones in our life differently.  Some people get them tattooed on their body for all to see.  Some make glorious Facebook posts that may or may not get them fired from work.  Sometimes you just want to celebrate and you wake up three days later wearing someone else's pants in a zip code different from where you swore you left your car all the while being stared down by a table full of people who don't speak your language or necessarily have your best interests at heart.  Not everyone would find it appropriate to celebrate fixing your dishwasher to such a degree, but I take appliances very seriously.

    Cristina Ravenna has chosen to mark her tenth year living in Granada, Spain by painting up a handful of Javier Jimenez's Dorobannii figures.  That's probably way more appropriate than what I would have thought of.  Each resin toy is adorned with a motif inspired by Fajalauza pottery, which has been around since the 16th century.  That's even older than I am!  

    These are extremely limited and will be available on Sunday, August 7th only from at 11 am eastern standard time.  

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