Friday, August 12, 2016

Trouble Trouble - Black Edition from Dabs Myla X Munky King


    If I owned this toy I would reply to any of my wife's questions that need to be answered in the affirmative by whipping this sucker out and yelling "DYNO MITE" just like JJ from Good Times because I am all about pushing boundaries and living like the rebel I am.  Eventually she will get tired of it and hide it from me, which will force my hand into finding some new way to establish the proper level of awesome for which I am entitled as an American.  You don't need Monster Energy drinks when you are filled with the spirit of Kenny Powers.  I totally just power watched Eastbound and Down and was way more inspired by it than I should have been.

    Munky King is releasing the latest Trouble Trouble figure from Dabs Myla in black on black with a wee bit o gold for some spice.  If you want one you can get it at noon pacific time today from  Put it on a plate, cover it in birdseed, and finally nail that pesky roadrunner once and for all.


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