Thursday, August 25, 2016

Josh Mayhem's New Blown Away Crystal Nebula Dunny Series

    Josh Mayhem is known for transforming existing Dunnys into wind swept works of craziness through heavy doses of resin, paint, and magic spells.  But what if he were to customize clear resin Dunnys with even more resin.  It's like crazy resin inception, or maybe even more fitting would be to put a picture of Xhibit here with a certain caption that would adequately describe his philosophy on Pimp My Ride:

    Yeah, that's more like it.  These things are nuts and you could be one of 12 lucky folks in the world to add one to your collection when they go on sale Thursday, August 25th at 10am (that's today, sucka).  Try your luck at snagging one from  May the favor of the toy gods shine down on you.

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