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Friday, July 3, 2020

Puck Little Painter Tenacious Toys Exclusive from Chris Dokebi x Strangecat Toys

      I grew up in the sticks of Virginia, which meant that my exposure to graffiti was limited to insults about someone's sister, usually followed by a phone number.  Thus my pivitol years of artistic taste building involved monsters, horror movies, and heavy metal album covers.  So I generally don't get excited by a toy holding a spray can, cause to me that just means that there's some outdoor furniture that needs a recoat or we're about to deface something out of spite.

    So I see this little dude from Chris Dokebi and Strangecat Toys and I think he looks kinda cool.  His name is Puck, who was also the best cast member ever on The Real World, and evidently he's a little Korean folklore goblin that goes around causing mischief and I'm more than cool with that.  I can totally picture him elevating the derogatory graffiti I know into high art while still maintaining its poignant commentary.  That is true art.

   As you can see he's all decked out in blue which does indeed indicate that he is an exclusive for Tenacious Toys.  You can buy one today (July 3) at noon eastern time for $75 by checking out

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Mossy the Moss Spirit from Strangecat Toys x Mumbot

     Growing up in Virginia there were always huge forests to walk in and it remains one of my favorite things to do.  I was probably 13 or so at the time and had just gotten in an argument with my parents, so a walk through the woods seemed like a good idea to clear my head.  I was gone for hours with no real intention other than to ignore my home life and explore what the natural world had to offer.  After some time I came to the remnants of an old house, which was little more than the outline of a foundation, a fire place, and a scattering of metal utensils buried under piles of leaves that I disturbed with a sweep of my foot.  I sat there for a little while, wondering about the people who must have lived there when I noticed a small cemetery just a short distance away.  There, in the literal middle of nowhere, was a smattering of headstones with various degrees of legibility.  I have forgotten what they said a long time ago, but I’ll never forget the sad feeling that they were so well hidden that no one would ever come to visit them.  Now as I’ve gotten older the thought of such peacefulness (not the dead part, mind you) sounds like the most wonderful thing on Earth.  It’s all about perspective.

    Of course no one is ever truly alone in the woods, as there are numerous sets of eyes taking a great interest in you at all times.  Many you would recognize, but what about others that are even better at hiding than the shyest raccoon?  Introducing Mossy the Moss Spirit from Mumbot.  Now I’ve never seen anything like this roaming around, but it wouldn’t upset me if I did.  Strangecat Toys has produced this nearly 5 inch figure in vinyl and are offering up this debut version right now through their website.  Start building your own magical dream forest now by visiting

Friday, November 29, 2019

Gold Chrome Edition Astro Crash from Josh Divine x Strangecat Toys

      You've survived another year of Thanksgiving without anyone getting arrested, though Uncle Mike's political tirade certainly warranted being choked out.  There's no better way to reward yourself for your restraint than with the gift of gold and Strangecat Toys is ready to make your collection shine like it's been fondled by King Midas.

    This is the latest version of Josh Divine's Astro Crash figure, which sees our hero face planted after not quite sticking his landing.  I mean, he made it back to solid ground, but he may have scraped his face off in the process.  The French judge will surely deduct points, but things can always be worse. 

  This figure is extremely limited to only 25 pieces and will retail for $225 when it goes on sale today, Novemer 29th at 10am eastern time. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Astro Crash from Josh Divine x StrangeCat Toys for Five Points Fest

   Do you ever think how insane people were who pioneered flight?  Today flying in a plane is safer than driving a car, but dudes like the Wright Brothers were strapped to wood and fabric contraptions powered by garage built engines and a handful of theories.  The amount of things that could go wrong mostly involved terrible maiming or death, so the fact that anyone pushed so hard to make it happen is kinda shocking to me.  Then I remember things I used to do growing up in rural Virginia and am suddenly thankful that someone already checked this one off the list.  Teenagers plus boredom rarely leads to innovation as much as it does disfigurement.

    Astro Boy surely had his ups and downs when it came to mastering the sky life, as evidenced in this figure from Josh Divine and Strangecat Toys.  You may know Josh from his day job at Kidrobot, but he's got more ideas than can be contained by a standard nine to five.  And sometimes those ideas involve a beloved Japanese character scraping his face off as he falls to Earth.  Don't act like that's weirder than how you unwind after a long day.

    This dude is made of resin, limited to 25 pieces, and will be available exclusively at booth #423 during Five Points Fest.  Josh will even be there on Sunday from 1pm-2pm to sign yours and answer all of your questions about love, life, and whatever else you can think of.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Lucky Katju from Chris Pyrate and Strangecat Toys

    One of my cats got sick this week with a bit of abdominal distress and had to go to the vet.  He complained the entire way there to the point that it sounded like his meows were honest attempts at speaking English.  It seemed like it would be as much torture for Sharon and I as it would him, but that was until every woman at the vet's office fell in love.  From the receptionist to the tech he had found himself in the harem of his dreams.  The tech was his favorite of the bunch, and she was so smitten with him I expected her to take off her wedding ring and move into our home so they could be together.  He was hamming it up the whole time too, rubbing against her and purring.  He was so happy that he didn't make a single noise on the way home as dreams of his new girlfriend kept him occupied.  Thank God he's been fixed or we might have had a real problem.

    Had he still been the whole man he was born, I'm sure my cat would be the terror of cities far and wide to reach the one he loves.  I feel something similar would occur when looking at this Luxky Katju from Chris Pyrate and Strangecat Toys.  Sure, he looks all sweet now, but keep the object of his desire away from him and he could level our infrastructure like the best of them.

    This is the first ever production toy from the folks at Strangecat and he is available for preorder right now.  Standing 7 inches tall, made of polystone, and featuring a skeletal fish buddy, he can be yours for only $60.  He is limited to 50 pieces and available only at