Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kidrobot Returns To Conquer SDCC

   Last year, Kidrobot decided to skip San Diego Comic Con.  Maybe someone ate some bad takeout, or maybe they just couldn't find anywhere to park (I've heard that's a nightmare) but it doesn't really matter what the reason is, because this year they're storming the place like Ragnar and company stormed Paris.  Probably with more showers and less bleeding, but who can say for sure.  So hang onto your britches while I give you the rundown of everything I know about what's they have planned.  

   You see those prints up there?  Of course you do, it was one of those rhetorical questions and you actually didn't have to answer out loud, though I appreciate your enthusiasm/willingness to have your family think you're nuts.  The release of these three prints will coincide with Brandt Peters, Frank Kozik, and Scott Tolleson making appearances to hang out with you lucky convention goers.  There are less than 200 of each print, and they will be $25 each.  That is unless you're super dedicated and one of the first 50 people in line for each artist's signing, then you'll get one absolutely free.  That will leave some funds for you to get exactly two bottles of water from one of the food carts.  You know what, screw that, use it to buy toys.  You can always drink from one of the bathroom sinks.  

    If you're a Junko Mizuno fan and you haven't found a mule to get you that pretty little lady on the right, I would start calling friends ASAP.  Anyone and everyone will have the opportunity to own the original colorway of this 8 inch Dunny (on the left, sucka) but if you wanna taste of that Berry Chocolate flavor, you're gonna need to be at the convention or have a stand in willing to help you out.  She's a thing of beauty and from what I understand very limited.  $100 will get you one and trust me, that's a bargain when you see one for yourself in person.

    What time is it?  Well, it's quarter after three, I don't know why kids are always asking that.  You know you got a phone you little brat, so peel your eyelids off of Instagram for a second to check.  Oh, they're talking about the cartoon?  That's way less weird.  Finn and Jake want to do some adventuring all up in your house with these two exclusive releases.  Sure, you might already have these in their original color schemes, but I know the completest in you is ready to pull your very soul out of your ears to add these to your collection.  I feel you, I'm getting a little twitchy myself just by thinking of all the new Dunny releases, and I just want you to know I'm never gonna not encourage your obsessions.  toy obsessions anyway, not those one's involving Betty White ya freak.  Each figure is gonna sell for $49.99.

    I've already told you about these Mega Man exclusives but I'll be damned to be called anything other than thorough with this post.  They will be $49.99 each.  

    There's two things my wife is terrified of: slugs and ticks.  One time when we were digging for fossils in a creek (you didn't know I was so interesting did you?) I found a leech on a piece of wood.  I'd never actually seen a leech in person, so in my excitement I wanted to share it with the person I love.  After a few vague threats I chose to forget, she informed me how a leech was nothing more than a slug/tick hybrid and what on earth would make me think she wanted to see it.  It was a long drive to the Cheesecake Factory let me tell you.  

    If all slugs looked like the ones from Best Fiends I bet she'd be more receptive to their company.  The great thing about these too is that they will release online at Amazon and at the same time the release at comic con, so nobody will miss out.  If you're at the convention you will have a chance to win some prizes and meet the lead character artist for the game, Miguel Francisco.  This will happen on Saturday, July 11th from 9am-noon and this fancy screen print is one of the things you could walk away with:

    Those in attendance will also be able to take advantage of pre-releases for upcoming toys, including Frank Kozik's Baby Huey and Wuzone's debut 8 inch Dunny.  Here is the signing schedule for Kidrobot's booth # 5645, that way you can be the most prepared and stuff.

Thursday, July 9th
Junko Mizuno 1pm-3pm
Scott Tolleson 4pm-6pm

Friday, July 10th
Junko Mizuno 1pm-3pm
Frank Kozik 4pm-6pm

Saturday, July 11th
Brandt Peters 1pm-3pm
Chris 51 4pm-6pm



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