Friday, June 12, 2015

Red and Grey Vinyl Elder Demons from Deathcattoys

    You know what are the scariest type of demons?  Elder ones, cause they've had many years to hone their terrible ways.  Think about it, you get stuck waiting around for hours somewhere, bored out of your mind, and you know you come up with some crazy things to pass the time.  Now what if you're entire job was to be evil?  You'd be much better at it than some fresh, virginal demon that just graduated from whatever passes for college for them.  And elder demons have the best stories, though they will remind you at every turn about how much harder they had it than you at your age.

    Deathcattoys will be releasing these red an grey vinyl Elder Demons tonight at 10pm eastern time at  Only 20 sets will be available and they will be $35 plus shipping.   

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