Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kyle Kirwan's Mudcat Willo for Tenacious Toys' Super Series Sunday

    Kyle Kirwan is taking resin casting where resin casting hasn't gone before.  He bought himself an RV and is gonna travel from Brooklyn to Designer Con, dropping new releases along the way like some kind of toy making Ken Kesey (though I haven't gotten word whether he's painted his magic toy bus like a crazy person or filled it with naked and stoned hippies).

   His first release will be this glow in the dark blue Mudcat Willo for Super Series Sunday from Tenacious Toys.  Hey, isn't there someone else know for making blue stuff in an RV?  Maybe I'm just imagining it.  Only 6 of these 11 inch tall figures will be available starting at 8pm eastern time tonight.  Pick one up for $100 only from  

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