Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Help Kickstart the First Ever Figure from Chokehazrd Toys

    I love the fact that anyone with an idea can now get their toys brought to life with a little help from Kickstarter and collectors.  And you aren't just supporting a killer looking figure here, cause your pledges are helping Chokehazrd Toys become a company.  How many times are you gonna get credit for doing something like that?  It's not like those house parties your friends are always throwing to sell you crap like jewelry embedded in candles, or really over priced food.  Those people are not business owners, they are a hateful plague that should be wiped from the earth or at least kept off of Facebook.

    Not only is this figure pretty awesome looking from the front to the back, and pretty big at 6 and a half inches tall, but he's super affordable as in you won't feel guilty about ordering one because you had to choose between filling your car with gas or adding Noxious to your collection.

    The great thing about this is he has been fully funded and is now guaranteed to go into production.  You won't have to wait around for a month wondering if it's gonna happen or not like you usually do with crowd funding campaigns, so now is the perfect time to get involved.  Check out this link and be a part of someone's toy dreams coming true.     

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