Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Django Uncloned Heirloom Edition from Robin Van Valkenburgh x Good For You Toys x DKE for SDCC

     I think that is longest title I've ever written for a post.  I seriously got winded by the end of it and blacked out a little.  I gotta work on my cardio if I'm gonna tackle a title of that magnitude again, cause I'm not trying to embarrass myself in front of you folks.  TMZ ain't getting a picture of me drooling on my keyboard and shakin like Courtney Love in church.

    I bet you never thought you'd want to collect ceramics as bad as you do right now.  It's cool, life is weird like that.  And Robin Van Valkenburgh ain't exactly reproducing those creepy clowns that filled your grandma's house.  Nope, we're talking crazy stuff, like this Django Uncloned figure in collaboration with Good For You Toys.  Only 20 of these space cowboys will be available from DKE's booth #5045 at San Diego Comic Con for $110 each.  Get yourself one and blow a stranger's mind when they're perusing your estate sale.  

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