Friday, June 13, 2014

Hazardous Taste Dunny from Sket-One x Huck Gee

    Anyone that knows me knows that I love orange Vitamin Water.  Or, I suppose I "loved" it until they recently changed the sweetener in it and made it taste disgusting.  Why do companies do that?  I couldn't have been the only person buying them by the case.  Sprite and 7up did it too in an effort to appease the health nuts and now both of those taste like drinking carbonated air freshener.  Their should be legislation that prevents stuff like this from happening.  We can call it the Lucas Law, in honor of the man who decided Star Wars was too brilliant and that he should add some cgi nonsense to it years later because being a billionaire is boring work unless you can ruin everything that people love.  Vitamin Water, you are the computer animated Jabba the Hut of the beverage world.  

    Ok, so this Dunny is called Hazardous Taste, but his contents look delicious, like that Ecto Cooler Hi-C put out years ago.  Couldn't be that bad for you, right?  Huck Gee and Sket-One have teamed up again for yet another impressive Dunny release.  And the clock has already started ticking on your ability to get one, because the window of opportunity to order closes when the clock strikes midnight tonight.  Only the amount ordered will be produced so you need to be a man (or woman) of action and get yourself in on the deal.    

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