Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Big Push to Bring Little Maddie to Life

    We're have officially one week left to go to make Little Maddie from Bigshot Toyworks a reality and there is still a lot of room to help and a lot of really cool rewards for doing so.  They've added the option to get a completely clear version of the figure that you can see here:

    You can also pick up different customized versions of this Cthulhu-possessed horsey from the likes of Mark Nagata, Martin Hsu, Monster Kolor, Small Angry Monster, Nemo, and Mechavirus.  These will all be one of a kind so you'll have ultimate bragging rights if you snag one.  This is the first time I've ever personally backed a Kickstarter project and I really really want to see this thing succeed.  Not even just for me though, but for the people that have worked hard to create it.  Go to this link and help out any way you can.  Even if it's only a $1 you're still helping it get closer to goal.    

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