Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More Bedtime Bunnies from Peter Kato

    Attempting to sleep in my house seems like more of an event than it really should be.  You have to make sure your feet are tucked securely beneath a blanket that has proven to be both bite and scratch proof, otherwise you will be awoken with sharp little pains followed by trickles of blood.  Our kitten Jorah has made it his life's mission to eradicate the world of useless toes.  And just the other night I awoke to the little warning coughs of an impending hairball just in time to avoid it being deposited on my forehead by Ophelia.  My pillow and the sheets were unfortunate casualties of the incident, but I rejoiced in making it out relatively unscathed.  

    I wish sleep could be less of a contact sport and as peaceful as it looks on the faces of Peter Kato's Bedtime Bunnies.  I bet they awake refreshed and without new scars from hyperactive kittens.  He's debuting a new color combination of orange and grey and well as restocking his pink and white versions.  They will go on sale this Thursday, June 19th, at midnight for $20 for the 3 inch versions, while the slightly smaller 2 and 1/2 inch ones will be $12.  They sell out every time they are offered, so get to http://peterkatoshop.com/ early and be ready.  

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