Wednesday, June 25, 2014

From Adult Films to DIY Toy Maker? Tanya Tate is Making the Jump

    Tanya Tate is famous for making the types of movies you better not get caught watching at work.  She also likes to dress up as various superheroes, attend comic conventions, and collect toys.  Now she is adding figure producer to her resume with these DIY My Hero Toys.  I thought to myself "now Chris, it's important to be thorough while researching this story, so you put in the hours it's gonna take to inform your readers."  I did it all for you, just remember that.

    The figure itself is pretty different from anything that's out there, in that decidedly female, and could make for some pretty interesting customs. 


     She has launched a funding campaign through Indie Go Go with all kinds of rewards for backing the project (and all are PG-13, I checked it out for ya.  You're welcome.)   Check it out by clicking this link and doing your own, uh, "research".  

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