Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Madam Mayhem 8 Inch Dunny from Kronk x Kidrobot

    You know the problem with gentlemen's clubs?  Other than the fact that I would never want to sit anywhere in pants that I didn't plan to burn later?  There's no creativity.  Sure, the semi-nude acrobatics of young girls trying to pay their way through law school can be exciting for a bit, but after a while it's old hat.  I'm a sucker for a good theme and a bit of showmanship, so how come they don't mix their interests or talents into their performances?  One girl could read tarot cards and breath fire, or they could all wear vintage Halloween masks and it could be more horror themed.   Or maybe I just over think everything.

    Kronk gets where I'm coming from as is evident in these new 8 inch Dunnys he's releasing with Kidrobot.  They remind me of Selma Hayek in From Dusk Til Dawn, which is a prime example of what I was talking about before.  She certainly is wearing less than those fortune tellers on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, so it leads me to believe she works in a more risque establishment.  The green chica is the regular version, while the purple lady is a 1 in 6 chase variant.  These witchy women will be available starting this Thursday, June 5th, for $74.99 wherever you prefer to procure your toys.  

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