Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Milk Magazine Exclusive Iron Man from 3A

    Seeing the amazing job that 3A has done on their Iron Man figures makes me hopeful that Marvel will let them run wild with every super hero they want.  I know they are working on a Dr. Doom, but I'd love to see a crazy version of two of my favorites, Thor and Loki.  A boy can dream, right?  

    Their Iron Man figure is even better looking in person.  I got to see them at this year's Toy Fair and no one that buys this will be disappointed.  In fact, it will probably make all your other toys look so lame that you'll sell them all to buy more 3A stuff.  

    Milk Magazine is the exclusive retailer for this version and he will be going up for preorder tomorrow until June 30th.  Get yours at

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