Monday, June 16, 2014

Holiday Harley Quinn Bombshells Statue from DC Collectibles

    Do stores have their Christmas decorations up yet?  I don't really pay attention when I go into places, because I usually know exactly what I want, grab it, and play a fun game called "let's get the hell out of here before we catch what these people have."  That game is really only effective at Wal-Mart, who do have the lowest grocery prices around if you can fight your way through the hoard of mutants.  The trick is to not make eye contact, but you do miss a lot as a result.  Hence the fact that there may be Christmas trees littering the aisles and I wouldn't even have seen them.  I'm only oblivious to things when trying not to become the love prisoner of a gaggle of toothless hillbillies.  

    Now this is a holiday decoration I can get behind!  Harley Quinn's Bombshell statue got a festive remake just in time for you to start doing your house up in the spirit of the season.  Or if you don't celebrate Christmas for whatever reason you can still buy one and be marveled at how cute a fictional sociopath can be.  These will be available later in the year from DC Collectibles.  


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