Friday, June 27, 2014

Dark Forest Pollen Kaiser and Luftkaiser from Paul Kaiju x Toy Art Gallery

    I would not be surprised if critters like this have set up camp in my nasal passages.  See, I'm sick, and it's all I can focus on right now cause I feel like bag of poo that someone lit on fire and is currently being stomped on by a gullible neighbor.  I must moan about it as if it is my only course of action until whatever is inside my head grows board and moves on to the next person.  I know, it isn't the soundest of plans but it is gratifying to a degree.  

   These new hand painted Pollen Kaisers and Luftkaisers from Paul Kaiju are being referred to as the "Dark Forrest" editions.  Now, where I come from, a dark forest is something to be leery of, especially if it is dark during the day, which I suppose would make sense because every forest is dark at night.  Unless the forest has electricity and an abundance of lamps hanging from tree branches, but that's something else to be scared of entirely.  

   Both of these figures go on sale at noon Pacific time today from the fine folks at Toy Art Gallery.  

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