Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Eight Inch Anatomical Dunny from Jason Freeny x Kidrobot


    Let me tell you something.  I've had this toy in my hands for a few days now and it is the greatest Dunny ever made.  There, I've said it and if I had a rock tablet, a hammer, and a chisel I'd preserve that opinion for future generations to come.  I remember seeing Jason Freeny's original artwork depicting this guy and thought how cool it would be if they could actually make it.  Then Kidrobot enlisted the amazing production services of Bigshot Toyworks and the result is beyond my expectations.  Now I am a sucker for anything medical to begin with, as you can see right here with my new Dunny posing lovingly with an antique instrument used to explore your darkest of secrets (your butt):

    Look how awesome he looks!  Not that he would need much exploration because all of his bones and guts are on full display.  Could you imagine if people all of a sudden looked like this?  Like one morning we all woke up with transparent skin that exposed all of our insides to anyone who wanted to see them?  I feel like there could be some heavy social commentary there.

    This guy goes on sale this Friday (March 17th) and there are two different versions for you to collect:  the regular edition that I have and also a special glow in the dark version that is exclusive to and uber limited at only 200 pieces.  Don't sleep on this one because I'm predicting it's going to be insanely popular and you will seriously regret not having one when you out of the blue decide that collecting human skulls is gonna be your new thing.

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