Friday, March 17, 2017

Paul Kaiju Solo Show at Stranger Factory


     I'll admit I know nothing about Albuquerque, New Mexico other than that's where Breaking Bad was filmed and it is also the location of Stranger Factory.  And it's the hardest city name to spell ever. You can not go into trying to type it lightly, as it will wreck every bit of confidence you have in your ability to arrange vowels and consonants like a sane person.  I'll be honest, it owned me pretty hard.

  If you happen to be in the Albuquerque area or have mad frequent flier miles and a day off from work, you should spend your Saturday at Stranger Factory to see Paul Kaiju's solo show.  And you don't have to just see it, you can also buy something super sick to bring home with you and dominate your toy shelves like a boss.  A really mean boss who spits on your union handbook and the guaranteed break times located within.  This show will easily sell out and you have to be present to purchase anything.

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