Monday, March 13, 2017

GID Patron Saint of Halloween from Sam Heimer

    Our cat has been weirdly obsessed with all of our appliances recently.  He makes me nervous every time I start the dishwasher that I've locked him in there so I always double check it.  The top of the stove is his favorite place to hang out and today he tried to get into the microwave multiple times.  I think he's got some sort of ideas in his mind that they're going to help him develop super powers which will make us unable to stop him from going on the porch and trying to eat the plants.  His evil delusions of grandeur aren't necessarily on the scale of total world domination, but those plants have tormented him for too long and apparently need to be punished.  I'd rather he curse them from behind the safety of our living room window.

    He may not become the next Spider Man, but if he managed to get into the microwave he may just glow like this Patron Saint of Halloween from Sam Heimer.  Only 30 of these resin masterpieces exist and you can snag your very own tonight, Monday March 13th, at 8pm eastern time.  Snag one at

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