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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Voltar Resin Figure from H H Toys

    H.H. Holmes was America's first serial killer and was hung by the neck for his crimes in what is now the parking lot of a grocery store in South Philadelphia.  He is not to be confused with H H Toys, who while also being from Philadelphia have chosen to ply their trade in resin figures rather than murder.  While they may not have a fancy metal placard outside of the super market, the making of toys is more likely to keep them off the gallows.  Except in Texas, as their laws seem deliberately vague to fuel the lucrative death row industry.  Think about it: one trip to the chair is like running a thousand inefficient air conditioners in hundred degree summer heat.  I ain't payin that bill.

    Himmelstass Heimbach Toys are unleashing their latest creation, Voltar, on Wednesday March 29th.  He comes complete with a crystal ball filled with all sorts of information about your future.  Like a casino buffet some of it is good, some of it is bad, but most of it will give you gastrointestinal distress.  This first edition is limited to just 50 pieces and can be found on the aforementioned date starting at 8pm from

Monday, March 13, 2017

GID Patron Saint of Halloween from Sam Heimer

    Our cat has been weirdly obsessed with all of our appliances recently.  He makes me nervous every time I start the dishwasher that I've locked him in there so I always double check it.  The top of the stove is his favorite place to hang out and today he tried to get into the microwave multiple times.  I think he's got some sort of ideas in his mind that they're going to help him develop super powers which will make us unable to stop him from going on the porch and trying to eat the plants.  His evil delusions of grandeur aren't necessarily on the scale of total world domination, but those plants have tormented him for too long and apparently need to be punished.  I'd rather he curse them from behind the safety of our living room window.

    He may not become the next Spider Man, but if he managed to get into the microwave he may just glow like this Patron Saint of Halloween from Sam Heimer.  Only 30 of these resin masterpieces exist and you can snag your very own tonight, Monday March 13th, at 8pm eastern time.  Snag one at

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Patron Saint of Halloween from Sam Heimer

    I need this!!!  Of course it would drop on a week in which I just bought a rowing machine so I can get all swole and have NXT events two days in a row.  But I need this and that need may push me towards ignoring my attempt at fiscal responsibility and coming to terms with the fact that things like this make me happy and that's what's really important right?  And if it's for my mental stability I'm pretty sure I can write it off on my taxes next year as a health care expense.  I have a very liberal accountant.

    This is The Patron Saint of Halloween from Philadelphia artist Sam Heimer, which is one of the best resin releases I've seen in a long time.  Though I am a bit partial to Halloween decor, and he's from a city I spend a lot of time in, but just look at this thing.  You know you want to fill your shelves with them.  And you can when they go on sale tonight (Monday, February 6th) at 8pm eastern time from  There's 20 in black and 25 in orange which and they're only $20 each for this debut release.  Do it.