Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tooth Decay from Creo Design

    I'm not a fan of the dentist.  I'm also not a fan of getting my hair cut, but I think that's more to do with the mortal fear of a slip of the scissors and months of wearing a baseball hat.  I used to have long hair and I had it for nearly 15 years, so when I decided to cut it short it was frightening.  What if me head was oddly shaped?  What if I had a birth mark in the shape of Africa that you would be able to see?  I'd still rather get my hair cut than go to the dentist though, cause there's just something about some dudes hand shoved into my mouth with sharp instruments that I find unappealing.  

    Creo Design is channeling ll of our oral fear with this Tooth Decay resin figure.  This sucker is 7 inches tall and will come in any color you want.  That's right, the first 9 pieces will be available in any color you want.  Choose one for the body, and one for the tooth.  Personally, I would go matte black with a gold tooth.  These go on sale Friday, August 9th, at 12pm GMT for $160 with free shipping.  The free shipping deal lasts for a month, at which point you're gonna have to pay a little extra to have one delivered to your door.  

Look at all the colors you can choose from!

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