Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Basuritas Vinyl Toys from Mishka x Kalaka Toys x 3DRetro

   My Saturday was jam packed:  first I went to work, then I came home to eat dinner, then I went back to work but at a different place than the first time cause I'm trying to make that Wrestlemania money.  The struggle is real, but even if I wasn't working my hands to the bones I still live 3,000 miles away from 3DRetro and the killer Basuritas release party they threw.  So while many of us were unable to attend don't get too depressed, because the very figures the shindig was celebrating are now available online.   These vinyl toys were created by Kalaka Toys and Mishka and are heavily inspired by Garbage Pail Kids (Basuritas were the Argentinian version of those wonderfully gross trading cards).

     Each four pack is blind bagged and will come in either red, green, black, or glow in the dark.   So even if you find yourself at work, go take one of those on the clock bathroom breaks and order a set or two on your phone.  Pooping on company time is the best way to get back at your employer for all the psychological damage they have caused you without the expense and hassle of having to hire a lawyer.  

     These are available now at www.3dretro.com.

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