Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Porcelain Royal Tea from Lunartik

    I'm not much of a tea dude when it comes to choosing a beverage.  I have orange juice in the morning, usually a soda with lunch, a ton of water during the day, and another soda with dinner.  The water is to keep any kidney stones I manufacture moving along the pipeline before they get too big and are like a husky bro on a dry water slide.  I like the taste of soda, which explains the pudgier aspects of my 200 lb physique.  I'm only slightly addicted to the caffeine, which always reminds me if I haven't had any that day by dropping an invisible guillotine through the right side of my skull.  My relationship with Dr. Pepper is quite abusive.

    I've missed seeing these little guys from Lunartik because they remind me of the robots from the movie Batteries Not Included.  You want to feel all warm and fuzzy inside without having to catch a stomach virus?  Go watch that film.  Lunartik is doing something a little different this time in that instead of the tried and true plastic medium he usually works with, these 8 inch teas are made of porcelain, a material so fancy that even the name sounds regal.  

    This piece is limited to only 50 world wide but here's the catch: he's doing a preorder for them to gather enough interest before sending them to production.  You want one for yourself?  Just email .  He's already filled half the slots, so get to emailing if you want one.  

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