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Monday, November 16, 2015

Crazy Catzilla from Joe Ledbetter

   Am I totally bummed that I won't be at Designer Con this weekend?  Yeah, it sucks, but it's not like I had grand plans and they suddenly got cancelled. I knew my behind was gonna be at work and I would be living vicariously through the magic of the Internet and I'm ok with that.  At least that's what I keep telling myself so that I don't throw an obnoxious fit and get locked out of the house.  But all hope is not necessarily lost, because nice folks like Joe Ledbetter know we can't all make it to California, so he's doing something special for us.

    This is the final version of his popular Fire Cat and only 75 have been birthed into this world.  It will be available at his booth at noon on Saturday the 21st, but a special batch of figures have been saved for an online release.  Those figures will be for sale on his website Tuesday, November 24th at 8am pacific time.  Crazy Catzilla can be had by all!!!!  Well, 75 of us anyway, so not really, like, everyone. How about: Crazy Catzilla can be had by the lucky????  That sounds better.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Hide Your Wife, Hide Your Kids Cause I'm Reviewing Business Monkey from Joe Ledbetter x Munky King

     Business Monkey has got a fist full of dollars burning his fingerprints off, and he wanted to get rid of them ASAP.  I tried to get him to play Shark Tank (I was even willing to let him be Mark Cuban) and invest in this new idea I had for edible dish cleaning sponges (the best food particles are going to waste, people), but he wasn't interested.  I could tell by the look in his eyes that he needed to get out of the house, to see where his riches could take him, so we gassed up the Hyundai and went on an adventure.  Where could we possibly go and spend that hard earned cash that was driving my simian companion so insane?

    Now it's about this point I had to stop taking pictures at the request of a giant doorman by the name of Tank who politely suggested I leave the camera in the car.  It was more the barbed wire tattoo around his neck that I spotted as soon as we parked, but there are more forms of communication than verbal am I right?  You don't stay alive as long as I have by not noticing these subtle details.  So while the pictures may be scarce, I'll do my best to relive the hijinks for you.

   It must have been a slow day because when we walked in we were immediately swarmed like we were making the routine gold delivery.  Coming in from the bright afternoon sun you need time for your eyes to acclimate to the much darker interior of the club, and thankfully for me Business Monkey laid a hand across my chest, cautioning me not to settle for a particular girl just yet.  Once my pupils had dilated I realized the favor he did me, because it looked like we were being attacked by extras from The Walking Dead.  Their sell-by-date having long passed, we pushed our way through and headed to the bar.  The bartender was a youngish man, maybe with a chromosomal issue, who after getting our drinks asked if we'd like to buy his new mix tape cause it's "hot fire".  Business Monkey was having none of it, and his financial-advising bird was more into classic rock anyway, so he gripped his wad of cash tighter as he nursed his drink.  A look of despair had fallen over his face, as if coming here had been nothing but a disappointment.  I was more concerned about the rat tugging at my laces in what was an obvious attempt to steal my shoes.  Suddenly, just when investing in my business start up was beginning to look like the better alternative, he spotted her.  

     The lonely, green-eyed beauty.  She cast a shy glance his way that sent his heart a flutter and blew a cool breeze through his stack of money.  He hopped up on the bar, sauntered over to her, and began searching her hair for bugs.  Her hair devoid of tasty insect snacks, he picked her hand up, kissed it, then showered her with good old fashioned American currency. Business Monkey feels no pain when he makes it rain! 

     Aren't adventures fun?  I think so, but I'm sure you're also curious what I think about the actual toy itself.  Having been a fan of Joe Ledbetter's work since I've been collecting designer toys, I feel this is one of the best representations of his work to date.  It's hard to explain, but it really captures the 2 dimensional aspects of his work in 3D.  More so than when his art appears on an existing platform toy. 

    His best toys are always the ones specifically designed with his art in mind, so you can properly appreciate the world in which they exist in his head.  And how can you go wrong with and angry monkey with a money hungry bird perched on his tail?  You can't, it's impossible.  

    Now you obviously need one of these guys to take on your own adventures to whatever hillbilly gentlemen's establishments exist where you live, so I'm gonna tell you how to get one.  This Thursday, March 12th, these suckers will go live on for your buying pleasure.  At only $90 each, they're a heck of a bargain cause they're freakin' huge.  For real, I had to clear off a gigantic space just to have somewhere to house him in between lap dances.  

    And you get a free box for your cat to sit in AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!  

  "The box could use more fart smells." - Jorah

Friday, February 27, 2015

Win A "Business Monkey" from Joe Ledbetter x Munky King Toys This Weekend

    You know what I got sitting on the shelf in front of me as a type this?  One of Joe Ledbetter's Business Monkeys from Munky King.  So how do I already have one and they're not even on sale yet?  I can't tell you all my secrets son, but what I can tell you is that this sucker is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and you can get yourself one before anyone else this weekend as Munky King will be running an Instagram contest.  So if I were you, and I wanted a monkey with sound financial knowledge, I would go and follow Munky King on Instagram right now.  I'll be doing a proper review of this guy next week that may or may not include taking him somewhere that he can spend all those dollar bills in his hand.  Actually, I'm just gonna try and pay my credit card statement with them.  Gonna make it rain in Wal-Mart boooooooooooooy!!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Ice-Cat from Joe Ledbetter Drops Tomorrow

    Is this from that movie Frozen, cause I haven't seen it?  Just kidding, I know it's not but I'm completely serious about having not watched it.  When you tell people that you might as well have said that your favorite past time is kicking puppies, because the horrified looks on their faces would be the exact same.  I try to explain to them that I don't have children so why would I be interested but that is never an acceptable excuse.  Yet it's the same one that makes it totally ok for me to not go to Chuck E. Cheese or petting zoos (even though I enjoy petting the goats just as much as any 5 year old).  I know people that haven't seen Star Wars and yet I'm the bad guy in all of this.  

   Oh, and don't leave your cats outside in the winter cause it's kinda mean.  Unless you own a snow leopard or Siberian tiger, cause their names kinda dictate that they're down with the chilly weather.  And don't leave Joe Ledbetter's Ice-Cat outside either.  Not because he will freeze, but because someone will probably steal it.  They are limited to only 200 pieces, so someone's gonna be left out....wait for it...IN THE COLD!   These go on sale tomorrow from at 8am pacific time for $110 each.  

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mintyfresh Exclusive Poker Monkey from Joe Ledbetter x Munky King

    I really need to get jobs for my cats.  I bring home the applications, but they never get filled out.  Grump Cat has a job and Lil Bub has a job, so I don't see why my cats can't get on the internet and start earning me some cash.  All they wanna do is sit around all day, occasionally practice their black magic that a neighbor got them into, and watch Wendy Williams reruns.  

   This monkey has a job.  Or at least he's dressed like he does.  I assume if he wants to keep playing poker he better have some source of income.  He can't be winning that much if that bird is gonna tell everyone the cards he's holding.  The last time we saw this simian from Joe Ledbetter he was merely drinking a cup of coffee, though now it looks like he's fallen into a much more dangerous vice.  God only knows where his troubles will progress from here, maybe Munky King will make an "Opium Den" version next.  Who's to say, but I do know that this guy is an exclusive to Mintyfresh and will be unleashed upon the world Monday, October 20th at 7pm Amsterdam time through

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Joe Ledbetter Unleashes Fire-Catzilla Tomorrow!

    Godzilla has been doing it wrong all these years.  If you wanna maximize the damage you can inflict on an unsuspecting city, you gotta trick them into thinking you're harmless.  A lot of people are scared to death of little lizards, so when you show up and all gigantic and terrifying its no wonder the army gets called in to try and obliterate you.  Now if Godzilla could get a hold of some fuzzy bunny ears, or a cat mask, and trick people into thinking he's a big ball of adorable, then he could practically level the place before anyone realizes they've been had.  

    And now here is my theory in practice, courtesy of Joe Ledbetter.  Sure Fire-Catzilla looks all scary now with his sharp little teeth and blazing inferno shooting from his mouth, but before he revealed his intentions I bet everyone in Tokyo was just trying to pet him.  People were probably lining the streets, uploading pictures to Instagram with clever little hash tags.  And then he unleashed the fury and maximized his destruction potential, before curling up on a pile a corpses for a much needed nap.  

    Of course you want one of these for yourself, and now is the part of the story where I tell you how to get one.  Only 300 of this reptilian feline exist in the world, they cost $110, and they go on sale tomorrow at 8am Pacific time at  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Joe Ledbetter's Fire Cat Returns!

    My wife and I spent this weekend in Washington D.C. checking out the zoo and the various museums and whatnot.  It was the first time we've ever left our youngest cats by themselves since we got them (don't worry, their grandparents came by to check on them) so we were a little nervous that they would have some sort of meltdown and destroy everything we own.  Luckily for us they seemed to keep it together for the most part, and proved my theory that they save their worst behavior for when they have a human audience.  I suppose it is more effective that way, but it didn't stop us from thoroughly inspecting the house just to be sure that they didn't hide poop in our shoes.

    This picture is pretty much how I expected them all to look when they realized we weren't coming back that first night.  Joe Ledbetter has decided to self produce his own toy and this gigantic Fire Cat is the result.  It stands an impressive 11 inches tall, is limited to 400 pieces, and goes on sale this Thursday at 8am Pacific time for only $99.  Now how on earth did he manage to make a figure that big and keep the price reasonable?  Is he a secret wizard?  

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

More SDCC Exclusives from The Loyal Subjects

    Optimus Prime obviously couldn't take how terrible the new Transformer movies were and decided to off himself.  Can't say I blame him, as I almost did so in a crowded theater while watching the first one. 

    The Loyal Subjects have released a pretty cool blind box series of Transformers earlier in the year and now they're jumping into the 8 inch realm for San Diego Comic Con.  300 of these Dead Prime figures were made and they will retail for $115 when they are released July 19th from 1-2pm.  This is gonna be another one of those instances where you're gonna wanna line up pretty early if you hope to score one.

    Continuing the theme of dead toys, they will also be releasing this Astro Zombie Bunny from Joe Ledbetter. Unlike owning a real dead bunny, your house won't smell weird and your friends won't try and have a mental health intervention with you.  Everyone will get a shot at one of these suckers, as 150 will be available at the convention, and 150 will be available online.  Which is how it should be done really.  Do you know how angry it makes me to see this stuff that will only be for sale 3,000 miles away and I'll never have the chance to buy it unless it's for some ridiculous price from some butt face that bought it just to sell it?  Pretty angry.  

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ghost Pirate Chaos Bunny from Joe Ledbetter x The Loyal Subjects

    You know what sucks about San Diego Comic Con?  Not being able to go to San Diego Comic Con.  But who wants to listen to me whine all day?  Certainly not my wife, and she's legally obligated to.  

    So I love when companies split up the amount of a release to give us geographically or financially challenged folks a shot at scoring a toy.  The Loyal Subjects are doing just that with this Ghost Pirate Chaos Bunny from Joe Ledbetter.  It's still not a viking, but a ghost pirate is pretty cool.  150 of these will be released at the convention July 18th from 1-2pm while another 150 will be release online at the same day at 2pm.