Thursday, September 11, 2014

Two More NYCC Exclusives from myplasticheart

    New York Comic Con begins in less than a month and I have yet to see many announcements about exclusives.  Come on people, you're killing my ability to create an effective budget!  Thankfully myplasticheart is on the ball and here we have two more toys that you'll only be able to get at their booth.  Up first is Astronocchio from Dave Bondi.  These dudes are hand made with resin, stand 5 inches tall, are limited to 25 pieces, and will sell for $65 each.  

    This dude reminds me of a rogue olive.  Not that I've ever seen a rogue olive, but if one were to turn on you I imagine this is what it would look like.  This is of course Lou Pimentel's very popular Junior figure, and if I remember correctly they sell out of these every year.  So get there early, or find a good toy mule to smuggle you one.  Just be specific that you don't want him to use the same techniques one would apply to bringing drugs over the border.  You'll only make that mistake once.  $35 will get you one and Lou would be happy to sign it for you as he's always hanging around during the convention.  

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