Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Kitsura Preorder from Candie Bolton x Max Toy Co.

    People think that just because my house has cats coming out of the woodwork that I don't like dogs, but nothing can be further from the truth.  I love dogs, I just don't have one because I don't have a backyard.  Growing up in Virginia we had a few dogs and I don't think we ever even owned a leash, because when they had to go outside you just opened the door and let em have a good time.  Even if your yard wasn't fenced in it was generally understood that they would run around, terrorize the surrounding area, and then come back when they were tired.  Where I live now I would have to walk the dog and pick up its business with a plastic bag wrapped around my hand, which seems demeaning. Yeah, I do scoop a handful of litter boxes every night, but I don't have to walk around outside with a bag of poop as my neighbors try to make small talk with me.   Think about it, what if you didn't have the dog and were just taking a stroll with a turd in your old Wal-Mart bag.  You'd have the police called on you and would have to convince a doctor within 72 hours that you weren't having a mental break.  That's why you need a yard, so they can do their business and you can keep your dignity.  And they even have services you can pay to come out and clean your yard up for you after it has become riddled with organic land mines.  Genius.

    So Kitsura is not your average dog as he is actually a fox, but my stance is the same regarding any wild animals you may allow to share your domicile.  This canine with his enlightening third eye was created by Candie Bolton and produced by Max Toy Company and is available for preorder right now.  For $30 you can guarantee yourself one of these little dudes that may or may not bring magic and good fortune into your home.  And you definitely won't have to walk him, cause he's plastic, so that's a plus! Order yours now at


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