Friday, May 29, 2015

Skelevex Spectrum: Series One Episode One On Sale Today!

    It seems like everyone has one of those mystery box subscription thingys now where some random assortment of junk gets mailed to your house every month and you hope you at least like one thing out of the entire lot to have made it worthwhile.  I hate those things.  I hate spending my money on something generic that people in an office put together because "you're into nerdy stuff so you'd obviously want this Captain America door hanger and Star Trek air freshner".  Well guess what smarty pants, I don't.  So go ahead and throw it away for me and I'll keep my money to myself.  Not that I have strong feelings about these sorts of things.

    If you're going to do a subscription service you gotta do that sucker right, like with these Skelevex releases.  Buying into their subscription service (which you only have until June 26th to do by the way) will get you a brand new geometric skull every month plus a free bonus one only available to those that subscribe.  If you have a problem with commitment, you can also buy them individually, starting with the Grape edition you see here.  This guy will be available starting today at 1pm BST at  

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