Saturday, May 9, 2015

Worship the Little Fuzzy Bunny Overlords!!! A Review of the Cute and Crazy Labbits from Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

  I'm getting a little misty over here, as this is the last review I'll be posting for Labbit Appreciation Week.  Not to say that it's completely over because I am doing a giveaway for a Joker Labbit.  If you don't have an Instagram account yet, now would be the perfect time to get yourself one sucka cause you're gonna need it to enter.  And you should have one anyway cause there's crazy stuff going on there that you're missing out on.  Like cat pictures, and butt pictures. Cats on butts, butts near cats, even cat butts.  It's the perfect app!!!

   Our last review of this epic week will focus on the Cute and Crazy mini plush series.  These things are great, cause not only are they small and adorable and look like Freddie Mercury but they come packaged in window boxes.  That means you can pick the ones you want without playing the blind box gamble.


    Look at how freakin cute these are!!!  These are for when you need your plush Labbits, but the at-home models just aren't practical for your situation.  Portability in your snuggle critters is a key feature that these guys have loads of.  A bungee cord sprouting from their backs means you can hang em just about anywhere you need.  Let's see some examples from my own life:

No cop would dare give you a ticket with something so adorable hanging from your rearview mirror.  

So you severed your hand in a machine that costs more than you make in two years?  Give this little guy a squeeze and bring a smile back to your face!

There's no reason to panic when a Labbit with a mustache and shiny underwear is near.  Now take a deep breath and wash those shards of plastic from your eye!

     When Sharon and I were opening these dudes we caused a frenzy among our feline living companions which got me thinking.  If you were to remove the cord and stuff em with cat nip you'd have some perfect cat toys!  Kidrobot could invade a previously untapped market for designer toys by making ones specifically for your pet.  God knows someone needs to design a better cat condo, cause I just can't accept one of those in my life.  I know my cats would love one, but they make me sad to look at.  And I've tried, I really have, but I'll never get past how hideous they are.

Pick up a few now at and wherever designer toys are sold.

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