Monday, May 18, 2015

Celebrate K. Olin Tribu's Birthday By Saving Some Cash

    You know what must be the most horrifying thing in the world?  When you're a server at a restaurant and you find out it's someone's birthday.  Cause you know you've got to rally your fellow coworkers and do your best to embarrass someone while their family laughs.  I would bet that most waiters and waitresses dread this moment, while the ones that look forward to it will be surprised to learn the punishment that awaits them after death.

    K. Olin Tribu are celebrating their 5th birthday, and instead of interrupting their meal with an impromptu episode of American Idol, they're offering you a present for your support.  Check out that coupon code you see above there and get something for yourself while saving some money.  You can get directly to their site by clicking the link you see on the right.  

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