Monday, May 4, 2015

Super Shogun Review Time: Personal Happiness Labbit Series from Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

    Here's the deal folks:  This week is officially Labbit Appreciation Week.  It's official in so much as I called it official and not by government decree or anything, because the White House never responded to my petition.

    The other day I received a giant box from Kidrobot filled with all things Labbit and I'm gonna share them with you each day this week.  We'll laugh, we'll hopefully not cry, and we'll do a hell of a lot of talking about plastic and plush bunnies.  Basically it's what any other grown man you know is up to on a typical day.

    We're gonna kick off this week by checking out the brand new Personal Happiness mini series.  There's no better feeling than sitting in the floor with an entire case of figures and tearing into each one.  I wonder if there's a career path in opening up blind boxes, because I can't think of a job I'm better suited for.  I love mindless tasks, I love toys, and I like throwing trash all over the place.  I assume if I had this job that there would be another person responsible for cleaning up the boxes and foil innards.   Maybe I should bring that up during the interview process.

I'm gonna need my assistant to take care of this.  

    Sharon and I parked ourselves in front of the TV and one by one opened each and every box.  The first thing we noticed is how damn cute this series is.  Not that any previous Labbits haven't been cute per se, but these guys have given up smoking and seem more adorable for it.  The designs are fun: from a bowl of punch, to a magician, to a few mustached and polka dotted gifts.  They make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, which I'm sure we could all use more of.  Not me, cause I'm already too evil to be helped in any way, but they still made me crack a smile. A dark, evil smile.

     The second thing we noticed is that on the little fold out checklist that comes with each figure there is absolutely no mention of ratios or silhouetted mystery designs.  Now I don't know if this is something that will continue, if it's going to to translate to other types of Kidrobot product, or it's just a test to see what people think, but I for one like it.  There's no feeling of dread that you won't get the figures you want; no discouragement that you're rotten luck will prevent you from enjoying the toys you love.  After all, collecting plastic rabbits should be fun and not involve complicated math usually reserved for cheating at blackjack.

    A full case of these contains 25 blind boxes, and out of those we were only 2 figures short of a full set (we're looking for the piƱata one and the Labbit in the hat if you have them to trade).  It's by far the best results we've ever had opening a case of any type.

    I feel that I have presented a compelling case for you to immediately stop what you are doing and obtain some of these delightful little critters.  Buy them by the handfuls and fill your pockets with them to remind you that no matter how bad your day gets, you still have Labbits stuffed in your pants.  I think I just started a self-help revolution!  

     These little dudes are available now at and wherever else designer toys are sold.

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