Friday, May 15, 2015

Super Series Sunday's Returns to Tenacious Toys with the "Bearrito" from Diehm Studios

    I love it whenever there is a bear sighting where I live because people lose their minds.  The news will come out, kids will stay home from school, and people will line the streets with their cell phones trying to get a good picture for Instagram.  Meanwhile the poor bear was just looking to dig through some trash and now is gonna end up with a tranquilizer dart in its butt.  After a short nap the now famous bear ends up in a place it doesn't recognize all because that Chinese takeout someone threw away smelled really good.  It's like the poor creature went on a date with a frat guy.

   If a bear dressed as a giant burrito maybe we would think it was just clever advertising for a Mexican restaraunt and leave it be.  Then he'd have unlimited access to all the garbage bins and small children he could stomach.  It's a win-win for everyone!

    This Sunday Tenacious Toys will be unleashing their newest exclusive, the Atomic Blue Corn Bearrito from Diehm Studios.  He's 2 inches of spicy fury and will be made to order, giving you exactly one week to pull the trigger and get one for your collection.  This dude goes live at 8pm eastern time and the window for ordering closes on May 24th.  Pick yours up here.  

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