Friday, May 1, 2015

Help Monsterfoot Creations Bring Skull Boy to Life

    If there's one thing I'm about it's helping people make their dreams come true.  And deli ham, I am really all about deli ham.  Seriously, I'm thinking about just forgoing this post and going to get some lunch meat.  Ahhh nevermind, cause I'm also all about not leaving the house more than once per day and I've already hit my quota in that department.  Let's get back to business.

    A lot of people these days dream of being toy designers and Kickstarter is a great resource for it.  Crowd funding has made so many awesome projects happen by putting the money and means in the hands of creative folk, and now it's time to help Monsterfoot Creations bring his vision into plastic reality.

    Skull Boy is ready to make the trip to Japan, get molds made of all his pieces, and then be cast in luxurious sofubi and shipped to collectors around the world.  The only thing holding him back is a little bit of cash, which is where you come in.  By now everyone knows how Kickstater works, so check out this link, help this toy get made, and get some awesome rewards in the process.  Then pick yourself up  some cold cuts, cause why wouldn't you?

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