Friday, May 29, 2015

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's Ollie is Hulk-ing Out

    I'm kinda sad today.  Not long after I write this I will be on my way to the doctor to turn my kidney stones in for analysis.  After all the pain, the heartache, and the downright horror of bringing them into this world, they are now off to some lab where someone who won't care nearly as much as me will cut them up to figure out what made em.  Is this how all mother's feel when their children go off into the world?   I have a nice spot in my cabinet where I think they'd look good.  My stones, not other people's children.  Weirdo.

   Don't cry for me Argentina because it's time once again for another Mutant Vinyl Hardcore lottery.  This time you have the chance to own one of these gigantic Ollie figures painted up to look like the Hulk.  Have they ever explained how Bruce Banner's pants stretch to fit him when he rages out?  They seriously ned to investigate what fabric those things are using because I would take that to Shark Tank stat.  Imagine, only ever having to buy one pair of pants that will stretch and shrink to fit you no matter how many trips you make to the buffet in your life.  It's a billion dollar innovation.

    The lottery for this figure begins at noon eastern time today and will run for 24 hours.  If you win, you have the ability to purchase this behemoth of a toy.  If you lose, you get the satisfaction of knowing you tried.  Hey, this isn't t-ball, not everyone gets a trophy.  Get on it at

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