Thursday, May 28, 2015

Yellow Sunshine Bunnies from Peter Kato Available Tonight!

    I happen to live in the Northeastern United States and there was a time in the not so distant past (like, last week) that we thought winter was going to be measured like in Game of Thrones.  It was gonna last for 8 years, our skin would become translucent like those cave critters that live in the dark their whole lives, and we'd have to stock up on Dragon Glass to protect ourselves from shriveled yet frightening abominable snow men.  Thankfully, the sun has returned to us and we shall enjoy fried foods on our boardwalks while wearing the least amount of clothing allowed by law.  Rejoice!

     Peter Kato is obviously thrilled about the return of warm weather because he has captured the spirit of the season in these Yellow Sunshine Bunnies.  If you want to snag your own bit of summer you'll have your chance tonight at 8pm eastern time when they go on sale through

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