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Friday, January 27, 2017

Rusty Blue RST2 from DMS

   No the title of this post is not written in a code that Donald Trump's minions can't read.  Though hopefully by saying that I end up on some watch list and my readership increases due to the FBI traffic.  I think they would find me delightful.

   This is the second version of the RST2 robot dude from DMS.  He's looking kinda blue and kinda rusty, but space travel is hard on a droid.  You can give him a new leisure filled life by welcoming him into your home when he goes on sale later today.  This little guy is limited to 15 pieces and can be yours at 7:30 gmt from

Friday, July 29, 2016

"Stardust" Edition Skelevex Spectrum Series

    When decorating your home I think it is important to keep in mind that one day the police may have to enter to investigate your untimely demise.  Put their detective skills to the test by keeping plenty of insane objects lying about.  Personally my wife and I have accomplished this by having the entire wall outside of our bathroom decorated with the Virgin Mary, a cabinet of curiosities that alone would take them a week to catalogue into evidence, and a book collection that would look at home in Charles Manson's cell.  I feel that even after you've exhausted this life its important to maintain a sense of humor.  

   You can never go wrong with skulls either in shear amount or different types.  But if you're not at the level of having the meat helmet of former person sharing your living space, might I suggest these Skelevex as an alternative.  They're all geometric and sparkly and the more you buy the more you save.  Get em all and taste the morbid rainbow when they go on sale Friday, July 29th at

Friday, May 29, 2015

Skelevex Spectrum: Series One Episode One On Sale Today!

    It seems like everyone has one of those mystery box subscription thingys now where some random assortment of junk gets mailed to your house every month and you hope you at least like one thing out of the entire lot to have made it worthwhile.  I hate those things.  I hate spending my money on something generic that people in an office put together because "you're into nerdy stuff so you'd obviously want this Captain America door hanger and Star Trek air freshner".  Well guess what smarty pants, I don't.  So go ahead and throw it away for me and I'll keep my money to myself.  Not that I have strong feelings about these sorts of things.

    If you're going to do a subscription service you gotta do that sucker right, like with these Skelevex releases.  Buying into their subscription service (which you only have until June 26th to do by the way) will get you a brand new geometric skull every month plus a free bonus one only available to those that subscribe.  If you have a problem with commitment, you can also buy them individually, starting with the Grape edition you see here.  This guy will be available starting today at 1pm BST at  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Shallow Grave Mummy Skelevex to be Unearthed on Halloween

    It looks like someone had a productive day in the yard.  How long do you think it will be before every square inch of populated land on Earth will have a dead body under it?  I feel that this is one of those things that could be solved by an equation of some sort that is well beyond anything I'm willing to risk bruising my brain to figure out.  But I would assume with the way people are breeding there's got to be some point in time where its gonna happen.  It will be so commonplace that they'll probably have to issue everyone a new type of recycling bin just to throw old bones in whenever they find them.  Unearthed human remains pick up will be every other Wednesday or they will make special trips if you call in advance cause your bin is overflowing after digging for your new pool.  

    We're a long ways away from all of our backyards being as rich with marrow as the Paris catacombs, but people do make unexpected finds every once in a while when planting a new rose bush.  And these Skelevex look like they are ready to give some unsuspecting gardener the scare of their lives.  Only six of these "Shallow Grave Mummy" versions exist and you can snag one on Halloween (that's this Friday!!!) at 11:59 GMT at this link.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

T-1 (Tea Minus One) from DMS

    I don't ever remember wanting to go to space as a kid.  I wanted to go to Egypt and see the pyramids, but space didn't do it for me.  I guess if I could be guaranteed some Star Wars stuff would go down I' be interested, but if I'm just stuck eating out of tubes and peeing into a vacuum cleaner I'm not really interested.  Zero gravity sounds pretty cool for a while, like until you have to use the bathroom at which point I imagine it gets real old real fast.  Could you picture eating a bad space burrito and the vacuum toilet breaks?  You'll be begging for sweet death to come and end it all.  

    Check out this Lunartik Cup of Tea all set for launch.  He's not worried about space toilets at all.  This custom figure was created by DMS and 15 of you lucky Earth dwellers will be able to own one when they go on sale tomorrow at 11pm BST.  They're only $79.99 plus shipping and each one will be made to order.  Pick one up for yourself at 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Monsters & Mecha/Skelevex Offerings for ToyCon UK

    Do you like fuzzy monster critters? Do you like skulls?  Do you like professional wrestling?  Well, two out of three of those will be available at the Monsters & Mecha/ Skelevex booth at tomorrow's ToyCon UK.  Just look at all this cool stuff they have.  I'm officially jealous of all of you that get to go to this event.  Booth #32 is poised and ready to take all of your money.  I would probably buy all of the Skelevex because each time I look at one I want it more and more.  And then I'd be broke and I'd have to paddle across the Atlantic Ocean to get back home, which would probably make me extremely late for work.