Friday, July 29, 2016

"Stardust" Edition Skelevex Spectrum Series

    When decorating your home I think it is important to keep in mind that one day the police may have to enter to investigate your untimely demise.  Put their detective skills to the test by keeping plenty of insane objects lying about.  Personally my wife and I have accomplished this by having the entire wall outside of our bathroom decorated with the Virgin Mary, a cabinet of curiosities that alone would take them a week to catalogue into evidence, and a book collection that would look at home in Charles Manson's cell.  I feel that even after you've exhausted this life its important to maintain a sense of humor.  

   You can never go wrong with skulls either in shear amount or different types.  But if you're not at the level of having the meat helmet of former person sharing your living space, might I suggest these Skelevex as an alternative.  They're all geometric and sparkly and the more you buy the more you save.  Get em all and taste the morbid rainbow when they go on sale Friday, July 29th at

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