Friday, July 22, 2016

WWE's The New Day Immortalized as Funko Pop! Vinyls

    "Ooooooh Toy Viking readers, don't you dare be sour, clap for your world famous two time champs, and feeeeeeel the pooooooooooweeeeeerr...."

    It's The New Day, yes it is, shrunken down and turned into Funko Pop! Vinyls.  These are definitely not Booty and will be available this holiday season as exclusives to Toys R Us.  Will they all three be packaged together?  Will that package be a box of Booty O's?  Will the WWE ever hire me to live out my literary fantasies as a writer for their programs?  Only those with true unicorn magic know for sure.  Holders of said magic drop me an email and answer all my questions.  I'm still only half way through my unicorn magic guide but my allergy pills keep making me fall asleep right when I get to the good part.  Curse you pollen and the wall you've built blocking my path to enlightenment!

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