Friday, July 8, 2016

"Got Milk?" Custom Night Gamer from Plaseebo

    Remember those got milk? campaigns where they took pictures of famous people with mil mustaches and that was somehow going to revive the dairy industry and get more people to drink the stuff?  I do, because I am lactose intolerant and was bombarded with images of Shaquille O'Neal reminding me that my bones will probably crumble to dust from a lack of calcium.  Then as a puddle person I'd be forever stared at and used as an example for parents to get their kid to finish their milk so they didn't suffer the same fate of having to crawl around on filthy floors like some shell-less mollusk man.  Welcome to my nightmare.

    Plaseebo's custom Got Milk? Night Gamer is much more innocent than all that, as he's just a dude trying to quench his thirst.  He would never judge you for your body's inability to process certain foods.  He's just content to sip his beverage and glow courtesy of a color changing LED light in his body.  You can welcome him into your home on Sunday, July 10th only from  

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