Friday, July 8, 2016

Shark Tank Action Figures from Biff Bang Pow

     I'm not gonna lie to you; I'm completely obsessed with Shark Tank.  I get so into it that you would think I had money to invest in anything other than lunch.  My wife and I spend the whole show dissecting their ideas, their pitches, and then determining the offers we would make.  It is without fail that we always want to invest in everything that never gets any money from the rich people, which may explain why we are not one of the rich people.  And it's always the dumbest stuff that ends up making the most money, like some dude will walk in and say "hey, check out my pills I made that can transform a dog's farts into the smell of fresh oranges" and everyone loses their minds trying to get him cashed up.  Then I see them in Bed Bath and Beyond and kinda want to buy them even though I don't have a dog.  I have a problem.

    Entertainment Earth has turned the stars of everyone's favorite investing show into action figures under their Bifff Bang Pow label.  They're debuting at San Diego Comic Con but you can get them for yourself by clicking the Entertainment Earth link to the right.  Bring em home and tell them all the great ideas you have.  The results will probably be better than yelling ideas at them in person.    Now if they'd only make figures for The Bachelorette I could finally act out all the fan fiction I wrote.


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