Friday, July 1, 2016

Seathing Micro Run from Naomi Knaff

    The ocean is a frightening place.  There is stuff lurking under there we can't even comprehend and I would bet most of it wants to taste our sweet flesh.  I live near the Atlantic Ocean and this time of year the Coast Guard is always searching for people who get swept up in a rip current or fall of a boat and most of the time that is it for them.  What's left may wash up a week later, giving whoever finds them an image they'll never get out of their minds.  They sea is not only a cruel mistress, but that chick has got the creepy crawlies too.  I don't know how people swim offshore on purpose without being consumed with wondering what's lurking beneath them.  

    Is Naomi Knaff giving us a glimpse of the abyss with her Seathing resin creature?  Have our murky overlords sent them as spies to assess how easy it will be to rule both surf and turf?  Have I finally gone off the proverbial deep end?  That was all supposed to be read in one of those dramatic voices that go with movie previews by the way, so if you didn't do it right I'll wait for you to go back and try it again.  Go on now....

.....ok, now back to business.  There are only three of these dudes in this small run and they will be available beginning July 1st at noon eastern time only from

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