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Thursday, March 29, 2018

New Rampage Toys Exclusives from Tenacious Toys

    I have lived the majority of my life ignorant to the fact that there are some people who believe dinosaurs are a hoax.  I can't remember how this was brought to my attention, but a few years ago I found myself perplexed at the idea of it being a total conspiracy.  As far as epic pranks go it would be a pretty good one I guess, though I struggle to see an end game.  The entire point of conning someone is the big reveal, otherwise they never know that you got one over on them in the first place.  Maybe the guy that planned the whole thing died before he could prove us to be morons and having kept his plan a secret no one else was able to let us in on the joke.  Nope, still sounds as idiotic as the Earth being flat.  

    Rampage Toys certainly believes in the former existence of dinosaurs, though his ideas about their ocular anatomy differs slightly from the fossil record.  What they lack in depth perception they make up for in charm, and these sets of reptilian friends are about as cute as any lizard can hope to be.  These, along with three unicorns of varying ugliness, are all exclusive to Tenacious Toys and available for preorder as we speak.  Secure them for your collection by visiting  

Thursday, April 27, 2017

New Rampage Toys Preorders from Tenacious Toys

    I broke down and watched Suicide Squad last night.  After Batman vs. Superman I expected another crap fest, but it wasn't bad.  The film was entertaining and Margot Robbie was a great Harley Quinn and Will Smith wasn't bad either, which surprised me.  Jared Leto as Lil Wayne/ The Joker however was beyond dumb, surpassing my even my lowest expectations.  And it wasn't merely that he looked like a Juggalo but his performance was so erratic I dreaded any time %1he was on screen.  What makes The Joker interesting is his balance between evil genius and utter psychopath and this version just made it seem like he was at best a low functioning meth head.  Whoever was responsible for that should be asking me whether or not I'd like to make it a combo on my next visit to Arby's.

    Now that I have purged my need for film review, let us talk about more pleasant things.  Tenacious Toys has yet again teamed with Rampage Toys to bring us exclusive sofubi.  Up for preorder now are the 11 inch tall "Rainy Day Revenge" Kesagake and the 3 piece Gold Sparkle Cyclops Dino set.   You have from now until May 5th to get your preorders in for these, unless you just like missing out on opportunities the same way Suicide Squad missed out on having an awesome version of The Joker.  I stand firmly behind that sentiment.  

        Available now at    

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Gold Sparkle Uglier Unicorn and Shaggy Little Unicorn from Rampage Toys x Tenacious Toys

    Genetics are a great roll of the dice.  Do you ever see a couple that looks like they may have been raised by a family of possums but they have offspring that are beautiful?  The reverse happens all the time too, making you wonder whether someone is letting the waters of their gene pool fill with leaves and dead frogs.  For the love of God cover it with a tarp!

    It's a good thing this Uglier Unicorn from Rampage Toys is at capacity with inner beauty, because his mug is way closer to bridge troll than Brad Pitt.  His companion Shaggy Little Unicorn is all pretty on the outside, but darkness fills her every nook and she will cut you.  These pals are cast in gold sparkle sofubi and are an exclusive to Tenacious Toys.  Unfortunately just like when you have to partner up in science class, the pretty ones are already all gone, but the ugly dude can't wait to breath on your neck while you dissect that frog.  He is like, the nicest guy I swear, and at $35 a fairly cheap date.   

Get him now at  

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

NYCC Exclusives from Rampage Toys x Tenacious Toys

    Jon Malmstedt is moving his Rampage Toys operation from Japan back to the United States and his first stop is gonna be at New York Comic Con.  He'll have a ton of exclusives available at the Tenacious Toys booth # 309 and these are just some of what you'll be able to score.  He'll also be bringing more with him when he makes an appearance on Saturday.  Check out the pictures and start saving your lunch money.  Or steal someone else's and that way you can eat and have money too.  That makes more sense.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Tenacious Toys Exclusives for New York Comic Con

    Just so we're clear, these are not nearly all of the exclusives Tenacious Toys will have at New York Comic Con.  They've got so many that I've gotta take it slow or I'll get overwhelmed and not be able to function.  So let's examine a few of my favorites.  

     I don't get all the hatred towards the Ewoks.  In fact, I didn't realize that people didn't like them until that whole Jar Jar Binks fiasco in which people were forced to remember all the reasons George Lucas pissed them off.  Let me tell you, if I just destroyed the reign of the Galactic Empire with a bunch of delinquents I would expect teddy bears to sing (literally) my praises too.  Lay off the poor Ewoks, people!  UME Toys loves the Ewoks so much that he has decided to preserve his popular Geekwok figure in carbonite forever.  And it's a special Tenacious blue carbonite, which makes it even better.  Only 10 of these exist and they will be $55 each.  

    Can you call a woman something worse than a hag?  I mean, I know there are words that I won't mention here that society has deemed far more scandalous, but hag just sounds so harsh.  Literally, go ahead and say it, and put some anger in your voice when you do.  That's a word you save for special occasions, like if someone kicks your puppy or something.  Rampage Toys and Skullheadbutt have definitely captured the ideas that word conjures in this figure.  Not that I haven't kissed worse looking girls, because I was after all a teenage boy once, but this chick looks like she's doomed to a life spent alone in the woods whose only visited by stupid kids that were dared to knock on her door.  We all know how The Blair Witch ends so you better leave her alone!  Limited to 5 figures at $150 each.  

    Has the economy ever really recovered or have we just gotten used to being poor for so long that we accept this as the new normal?  Well I for one haven't and that's why I'm so cheap.  I buy the store brand bread, and the bo bo cereal that comes in a bag, because I try to save my cash for stuff I really want.  But I also want to get value in the stuff I want, and that's why this pack of figures from the Sucklord is exactly what this world needs now.  You get 10 mini figures for only $20.  Ten figures!!!!!!  That's enough to stage your own epic pretend wrestling pay per view.  They're limited to 40 sets, so I'm expecting 40 Youtube videos of these guys wrestling each other or I'll be sorely disappointed.  

    If this picture is any indication, that new Star Wars movie is gonna take a really disturbing turn.  Evidently hard times have fallen upon one of our favorite droids, and he has been forced to earn his space credits the only way he knows how.  I'm probably gonna have nightmares about this.  Forces of Dorkness is the demented mind behind this figure, which would have scarred my childhood had many other things not already beaten it to the punch.  This freaky robot is limited to 20 pieces at $50 each.

   Check out all this and much, much, much, more at both #208 starting Thursday.  

Friday, July 3, 2015

"Cosmic Beast" Manotaur from Rampage Toys x Imps and Monsters

    Whatchu know about a Manotaur?  That dude's head is straight on fire!!!  How nuts is that?  Maybe not as nuts as your Uncle Carl, who truth be told no human being should ever be left alone with, but pretty nuts regardless.  Could you ever have a bad hair day is your hair was one big flame?  It would constantly change so before you could even think to get upset it would be different.  Problems like this are why I don't get anything done.

    Rampage Toys and Imps and Monsters are proud to present to you this insanely awesome Cosmic Beast Manotaur.  Only 10 of them were made and they are available right now by visiting

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

NYCC Exclusives from Rampage Toys

    The last time I was promised "oodles of fun" I ended up in the emergency room as they scraped broken glass out of my foot.  I was five years old and the shards had formerly been a limited edition Muppets cup glass with Kool-Aid.  And it was the Animal one, which was my favorite.  So excuse me if I'm skeptical, but that was a traumatizing event for wee little Chris.  A few years have passed and I'm working on building my trust again with "oodles of fun" when I see this flier from Rampage Toys.  Just look at all the neat stuff he's bringing to New York Comic Con.  I pretty much like all of these toys, so everything is good there.  And he's painted them up all nice and pretty, which can't be a bad thing at all.      On top of that he'll also have a ton of his own stuff, which is good.  I'm beginning to think this whole "oodles of fun" thing could work out.  BUT GOD HELP NEW YORK IF IT DOESN'T CAUSE I'M GONNA BE PISSED.    Visit Rampage at booth # 208, part of the Tenacious Toys collective and for a full list of all the stuff he'll have available check out  

Monday, October 6, 2014

Plaseebo Is Sending Some Craziness to NYCC

    Look at this group of characters.  These guys are the stuff of nightmares.  They look like the computer generated critters on that show Monsters Inside Me, where they tell stories about people that have been infected with parasites.  Sometimes they'll have actual footage of a doctor's scope traveling through someone's body and they'll come around a bend and BAM there's some worm eating all the soft tissue it can get it's little mouth on.  I half expect them to come across something Plaseebo makes and upon seeing the camera it smiles and flips you the bird.  

   His delightfully mutated creations will be available at two different booths during New York Comic Con.  The dude on the far right a collaboration with Rampage Toys and Skull Head Butt) will be available from Rampage Toys at booth # 208, while everything else will be making available through the Kaiju Monster booth # 406.  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Seen at NYCC 2013: Tenacious Toys

    One of my favorite places to stop and gawk at New York Comic Con is the Tenacious Toys booth.  Benny always manages to get the most diverse group of exclusives together and present up and coming artists in a way that makes them look like super stars.  I would dare say that he is the first guy to ever hold signing events with artists who were making toys in their basements and not just the guys who were designing for the huge companies.  Tenacious Toys is like a great indie rock label that has all the majors waiting in the shadows to see what he does next.  And judging by the response they were getting all weekend, he's definitely doing something right that they aren't.  

    Their booth was loaded to the brim with exclusives that spanned the worlds of resin, plush, and vinyl.   A lot of stuff sold out, but there will be some leftovers available this week.  Sign up for their newsletter by going to so you can get in on them.  Meanwhile, check out some more pictures.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

More NYCC Exclusives from Tenacious Toys

    The great thing about someone being covered in blood is that it's pretty obvious you should keep your distance, and not just for sanitary reasons.  If you're ever on public transportation and someone is covered in blood it is perfectly acceptable to get up and put yourself at a good distance from them.  Also, if you see a man pooping on the subway platform (this actually happened, I know it sounds crazy, but I wouldn't lie to you) it is acceptable to wait for him to get on the train first and then run to get 3 cars ahead of him.  Reason 1:  It's not gonna be pleasant for your nose.  Reason 2:  Anyone who drops their pants to poop in public is capable of murdering you.  Which would leave him covered in blood.  See, I brought it back around.

    Tenacious Toys has a booth the size of a city block at this year's New York Comic Con, and have filled it with exclusives galore.  Like this Bloody Lurker from Erick Scarecrow and Frombie.  They are limited to only 7 pieces and will be $75 each.  

    You know what I love?  Bundle packs.  I'm not even kidding here.  How in the sweet hell has no one done this before?  Maybe they have, I dunno know.  I'm not like the Eye of Sauron, so sometimes I miss things.  But this is genius.  JC Rivera's Bearchamp from Pobber Toys is paired up with the same design on an Outsmart Originals t-shirt all for only $100.  There will be 50 sets available to purchase and hopefully this is the start of the bundle pack revolution.  

    I was kicking myself the whole way home last year for not buying one of these Manotaurs from Rampage Toys.  But the toy gods have smiled upon me and I will be given a chance for redemption next week.  There will also be some Ugly Unicorns available.  Take that Lisa Frank, not all unicorns are covered in rainbows and glitter.  

Friday, May 31, 2013

Weirdos In Space: Wave 1 featuring Rampage Toys and Blurble

    Does a title ever get more descriptive?  There is no ambiguity about what you're going to get here.  You're going to get some freaky looking dudes that some how found their way into the final frontier.  It's a drastic difference from when you buy one of those tv dinners and it looks so delicious on the box, yet when you heat it up in looks like a possum got sick on a plate.  Disappointment and diarrhea every time.  

    These space travelers are the work of Rampage Toys and Blurble, while their alien craft was made by Tru:Tek.  Ten of each design were made in random colors and they will be $24 each.  You can pick one up when they go on sale today (May 31) at 9pm London time at