Tuesday, October 7, 2014

NYCC Exclusives from Rampage Toys

    The last time I was promised "oodles of fun" I ended up in the emergency room as they scraped broken glass out of my foot.  I was five years old and the shards had formerly been a limited edition Muppets cup glass with Kool-Aid.  And it was the Animal one, which was my favorite.  So excuse me if I'm skeptical, but that was a traumatizing event for wee little Chris.  A few years have passed and I'm working on building my trust again with "oodles of fun" when I see this flier from Rampage Toys.  Just look at all the neat stuff he's bringing to New York Comic Con.  I pretty much like all of these toys, so everything is good there.  And he's painted them up all nice and pretty, which can't be a bad thing at all.      On top of that he'll also have a ton of his own stuff, which is good.  I'm beginning to think this whole "oodles of fun" thing could work out.  BUT GOD HELP NEW YORK IF IT DOESN'T CAUSE I'M GONNA BE PISSED.    Visit Rampage at booth # 208, part of the Tenacious Toys collective and for a full list of all the stuff he'll have available check out http://rampage-toys.blogspot.com/.  

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