Tuesday, October 7, 2014

NYCC Exclusive Bone Usir DX from Splurrt x Mutant Vinyl Hardcore

    If I owned this toy I would sleep with it every night.  I don't mean in the sicko way ya perv (maybe though) but in the innocent way a child cuddles his favorite toy.  It's not only cause I would love it so much, but it's to keep other people from trying to touch it.  My life is like those commercials for the Dodge Dart, where the neighbor is always trying to come over and touch the other dude's car but he's all like "no bro, keep your filthy mits to yourself."  Why is everyone's first inclination when they see something they like to pick it up?   I'd probably be bad at owning a store, cause I'd put everything under glass.  You want to touch something?  You can touch it all you want after you pay for it and take it home.  Until then it belongs to me.

    The chances of me scoring one of these sick Bone Usirs from Splurrt and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore is pretty slim.  For one, they only made 7 of them, and for two, I'm not the best at parting with my money.  It takes me some convincing (mostly in my own head) that my house won't get foreclosed on if I splurge a little, and by then they will all be sold.  So what I'm gonna do is start convincing myself now in the days leading up to New York Comic Con and by the time they go on sale this Friday at 2pm at the Monster Island booth, I should be ready to pull the financial trigger.  Plus it helps when you're in a crowd of people and you wanna join in on all the excitement.  I imagine that's how most people die from drinking too much, actually.  Peer pressure will help me bring this sucker home!

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