Wednesday, October 8, 2014

NYCC Exclusive Shub Zeroth "Evangelioth" from Metacrypt x Lulubell Toys

     Oh, dear God what have our horrid thoughts brought forth?  What have our wicked ways forced from beneath the Earth's crust, bringing with it our end?  And where, oh where I say, have I left my pants?  Seriously, I need to go buy cat food and nobody is trying to see my milky thighs.  

     Shub Zeroth! Shub Zeroth!  That's my impression of wicked villagers chanting the name of this unholy beast.  Villagers, that if the law were fair, we would have burned as witches and avoided this whole "giant blood thirsty goat demon problem" we now have.  Just kidding, I love Shub Zeroth and Metacrypt will be releasing this newest version at New York Comic Con through Lulubell Toy's booth # 408.  Christmas is coming, and your favorite toy blogger (me, obviously) accepts his gifts year round.  I'll give you one of my new stickers.  Fine, you can have two. 

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