Friday, October 3, 2014

Paul Kaiju's King Jinx Gets the Skinner Treatment and He Likes It!

    When the crab people finally rise from the depths and enslave human kind I hope they don't come ashore in Atlantic City.  Casinos keep closing and most of the neighborhoods aren't that friendly, and crab people are gonna just look like target practice.  The one's that survive will probably be forced into a life of prostitution for some pimp named Boo Bear with a short fuse and a strong smackin hand.  It's a cold city, crab people, so just stay underwater and head further south to Florida, where the people are retired and will just be happy to have something new to talk about with their grandkids.  

    Skinner has got those mad skills when it comes to painting toys.  I look at em, and I try to decide how he does it, but I don't know.  I'm just a simple man, typing simple words, I'm no toy coloring wizard.  Just gaze upon the magnificence that he has bestowed upon Paul Kaiju's King Jinx.  I hope you had your inhaler nearby, cause I know that sucker just took your breath away.  Or maybe it took your breath away when you first saw the picture and you were never even able to read what I wrote cause you are now dead on the floor with your hands around your neck and a panicky smile on your face.  If that's the case then you're gonna miss out when these go on sale today at noon Pacific time today over at  For those of you still with us, there are only gonna be 5 available, so your odds of getting just increased and I'll be expecting thank you notes for killing your competition.  


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