Monday, October 6, 2014

Plaseebo Is Sending Some Craziness to NYCC

    Look at this group of characters.  These guys are the stuff of nightmares.  They look like the computer generated critters on that show Monsters Inside Me, where they tell stories about people that have been infected with parasites.  Sometimes they'll have actual footage of a doctor's scope traveling through someone's body and they'll come around a bend and BAM there's some worm eating all the soft tissue it can get it's little mouth on.  I half expect them to come across something Plaseebo makes and upon seeing the camera it smiles and flips you the bird.  

   His delightfully mutated creations will be available at two different booths during New York Comic Con.  The dude on the far right a collaboration with Rampage Toys and Skull Head Butt) will be available from Rampage Toys at booth # 208, while everything else will be making available through the Kaiju Monster booth # 406.  

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