Thursday, October 30, 2014

Brutherford Industries Has A Pile of Releases for Halloween

    It's been a while since we heard from Brutherford Industries.  What's he been up to?  Was he abducted by aliens, or raising alpacas for their wool?  Did he open a Chik-Fil-A, or maybe he just took a long nap. Who knows, cause tomorrow (which happens to be Halloween) he's got a veritable horde of releases.  Let's get started cause it's almost my lunch time.  

    Look at that sweet can of paint, caught right in the moment before the cops come and arrest you for vandalism.  Don't worry, you'll probably just pay a fine.  But how cool is this?  The answer is "very cool" especially cause it's limited to only 25 pieces and it can be displayed like you see it or you can hang it on the wall and make it look like a ghost is helping you redecorate.  $125 and it's yours.  

    Oh snap son, you know you need these.  I see you out there, trying to live your life like you're in a rap video.  You can't do that when your Ikea entertainment center is filled with nothing but video game manuals though.  You gotta add some shine to it.  One of these Ice Scream men would do the trick.  And you have two different sizes to choose from, but logic dictates you should get them both for maximum wow factor.  The big one is limited to 25 pieces and the small has 50 little brothers and sisters running around.  They are $85 and $15 respectively.  

    Our maybe you're more like me and your house is closer to a Marilyn Manson video than it is Jay-Z. Then do I have something for you.  Check out this little domed specimen.  The display alone is worth the $45, but you also get a sweet gold skull.  Limited to 50 pieces.  

    If you've got some painting ability you might wanna get something to stir those creative juices.  Here are two pieces just waiting for your customizing skills.  Get a blank Ice Scream man for $35 or a blank skull for $15.  

    Ok, we finally reached the end, which is good cause I'm developing callouses on my typing fingers.  Hungry Hungry Hordak wants nothing more than to come live with you and flash his man bits every time you look at him.  He's kind of a weirdo like that.  For $15 you can be eternally shocked by his vulgarness.  

    Everything goes on sale tomorrow at noon eastern time from

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